Phone Directory

Main Phone Numbers

  • +961-7-723-111
  • +961-7-720-152
  • +961-7-732-700- 708

Hospital Fax Number +961-7-725-833

Fax Number in the Purchasing Department: +961-7-751-662

Fax Number in the Admissions Office: +961-7-727-939


Location Extension
Patient’s Room "1" + room number
Hospital Operator 0
Main Information Desk 1931/1932
Ambulatory Care (see doctor’s clinic directory)
Private Clinics Information Desk 1125
Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery Clinics 1243/1244
Ophthalmology/ENT Clinics 1959
Emergency Room Department 1934/1935
Admission Office 1947/1948/1949/1943
Patient Accounting 1905/1907/1909/1913
Cashier 1904
General Accounting 1926
Insurance Companies Representatives 1967/1968
NSSF Representative 1965
CEO 1222/1223
Medical Director 1160/1161
Financial Vice President 1160/1161
Medical Vice President 1160/1161
Legal Consultant 1901
Quality Department 1923
Medical Administration 1956
Medical Records 1910
Nursing Director 1708
Non-Clinical Services
IT Department 1120
Purchasing Department 1984/1985/1986/1988
Pharmacists 1987
Pharmacy 1982/1983
Warehouse 1980/1981
Human Resources 1702/1707
Medical Library/Conference Room 1805
Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutic Centers
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Medicine 1990/1991
Electrophysiology Department 1975/1976
Nuclear Medicine Department 1973
Radiology Department 1970/1971/1972
Diet & Nutrition Center 1997
Laboratory 1121
Blood Bank 1111
Pathology 1113
Microbiology 1123
General Services
CSSD 1962
Security/Patient Transportation 1817
Maintenance 1915
Laundry 1919
Sewing 1929
Housekeeping 1819
Kitchen 1920/1942
Patient Care & Nursing Stations
Ground Floor Specialty Surgery 1010/1011
1st Floor Oncology 1118/1119
2nd Floor Obstetrics & Gynecology 1200/1225
Labor & Delivery 1239/1240
Nursery 1214
NICU 1221/1226
ICU 1313/1315/1317/1320
Telemetry 1329
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory 1333/1335
CSU 1339
4th Floor General Surgery 1428/1429
Surgical Operating Rooms 1400/1401
5th Floor Medical/Surgical 1528/1529
6th Floor 1600/1618/1628/1629
IVF Department 1601/1606
7th Floor Internal Medicine 1728/1729
CCU 1700/1701
8th Floor VIP 1828/1829
Dialysis Center 1806/1802
Cafeteria 1921
Coffee Clinic Coffee Shop 1912
Gift Shop 1846

Quality Updates

Hammoud Hospital University Medical Center places the highest priority on its commitment to practicing medicine in a way that consistently delivers the safest care possible for every patient. The Hammoud Hospital has begun Joint Commission International (JCI) , the recognized leader in international health care accreditation 

Improving Every Day Since 1966

Our approach to patient care encompasses our commitment to safety, effectiveness, patient centeredness, timeliness, efficiency and equity – an approach that is always evolving based on the latest research findings.

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Latest Posts

“Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Mission II”


The Pediatric Cardiac Team of the Riley Hospital for Children in Indiana, USA headed by Dr. Mark Turrentine collaborated with the Pediatric Cardiac Team of Hammoud Hospital UMC headed by Dr. Issam Al Rassi for the second consecutive year to perform 11 pediatric cardiac surgeries at HHUMC during the week of April 29th.

Saida International Marathon 2019


Hammoud Hospital UMC provided the Medical Emergency Service at Saida International Marathon 2019. Two small tents and two ambulances were divided on the course, 1 huge medical emergency tent was on the final point. The Medical Team was headed by Dr. George Fhaily, Emergency doctor at HHUMC. More than 100 cases were managed by our Medical Team.